May: The Flip Side

Pollen reflections

Pollen reflections (Photo credit: cizauskas)

 My last post was a paean to the beauty of May  (apparently it somehow disappeared the first time I posted it, but you should be able to read it now).  At this time, I need to focus on the dark underside of that beauty—yes, I mean spring allergies.

 I woke up this morning with a sinus headache. The bags under my eyes are more like steamer trunks. My silver car appears to be a mutant vehicle with a fuzzy chartreuse exterior because it is so heavily covered in tree pollen.

 I wear contact lenses, and I have to take them out approximately one thousand times a day to clear the mucous from my eyes. (That might be a tiny exaggeration. I’m a fan of hyperbole, probably the biggest fan. Ever.) From what I hear, southern New Jersey might be the allergy center of the world. (Hmm. . .I’m not sure if that’s exaggeration or not.)

 Millions of people suffer from spring allergies, and they suffer far more than I do. Runny eyes, congestion, and scratchy throats are not fun, and many people have even more severe symptoms. When my older daughter was about four, we were at an outdoor party. Suddenly, the whites of her eyes were all swollen and looked they were about to close over her pupils. It was incredibly scary. She had probably touched her eyes and got pollen in them, which caused them to swell. It was not serious, and after some Benadryl, her eyes were fine.  So when it happened to her younger sister a year or two later, I knew exactly what it was. Score one for experience.

 So Spring, you can be cruel. But I guess sometimes we really do have to suffer for beauty.


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