For You: Bok Choy and Kale Chips

How do you make the brisket?
Can I have your recipe for Snickerdoodles?
What do you do with bok choy?

baked kale chips

baked kale chips (Photo credit: eraine)

The calls and messages come.
Sometimes they are frequent;

sometimes not often enough.

My friend calls it “the lost years.”

Those years when we were so caught up with our children,
their activities, and work
that we had little time to connect with each other.
It went by in a flash.
I’m past that time now.
My children are young adults.
They do not need me to take them to rehearsals

or lessons.
We talk companionably,
and sometimes with tears,
but more often with laughter.

I cherish every moment.

Your children are still young.
You chase them, and love them,

and take them here
and there
and here again.

“I love your blog posts,” you say,
“Even when they’re not about me.”
You laugh.
So this is for you.

“Make kale chips, “ I say.
“Bake them at three hundred,
but watch them carefully so
they don’t burn.
Maybe you can use the bok choy.”

I know I will not be lost to you.
We’re both amazing women.
But I’m the one with the recipes.




4 thoughts on “For You: Bok Choy and Kale Chips

  1. Just got a chance to look at this finally today, and all I can say is, “nothing.” Why nothing, because I am so freaking verklempt!!! I love you, I love you so much…. You are comfort food all wrapped in a package of complete awesomeness….

    The amazing food you spoil us with, the traditions you keep going and reaffirm our sense of family, the sense of calm you bring to me, and everyone around you, the humor you bring, and the brilliance of your writing… all of it embodies, comfort and joy, creating and nurturing a lifetime of roots, family and history. I am so lucky to be blessed in the ability to partake in all of that. Love you!

    • Oh my goodness. How to I possibly reply to that? I’m laughing and crying.
      I want to use she is “comfort food all wrapped in a package of complete awesomeness” for a blurb. Now I’ll have to write a book to go with it. 🙂
      Love you.

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