Wheels Turning, but Am I Going Anywhere?

During a good spin class, my heart is racing, and I’m dripping with sweat (get your mind out of the gutter, spin class, I said); sometimes I even feel like I’m about to vomit (SPIN CLASS). Spinning, also known as indoor cycling, is odd though because the instructor urges the class to ride up and down hills, to race, and even to sprint across the finish line—except we don’t actually move anywhere. We’re riding stationary bikes, and at my gym, we’re packed into a small, sweat-filled room.


English: Spinning - static bicycle health regi...

English: Spinning – static bicycle health regime. Foundation Club Sandhurst UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think a writer’s life is something like that, at least for me. Thoughts are spinning in my brain, and sometimes I need to shift gears, as I move through projects.  No, usually my heart doesn’t pound as I write, and what I write seldom makes me want to vomit. But sometimes as I race to complete a project or meet a deadline, I wonder if I’m going anywhere.  (See, the analogy does work–even though I don’t work in a small sweat-filled room. Well, not too often.)

I believe most writers write because they have a story to tell or knowledge that they want to impart. Most, I’m fairly certain, do not write to become rich or famous, although who doesn’t dream of writing a bestseller? Writing is hard work, and it requires pedaling up steep hills with the hopes that you will reach that finish line. Hopefully, there will be at least one person to cheer you on, to say, “I really liked your book, poem, screenplay,” and that will make your heart race. But whether that happens or not, you get back on the bike and start pedaling. Because you know you’re not really doing it for the crowds or the praise, you’re doing it for yourself.

Food for Thought?

Food for Thought?


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