Simple Pleasures: Sun and Clouds

Monday Morning Musings

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

–Albert Einstein

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.”
― Mark Twain

Today is stormy; yesterday was bright and sunny. Such is life.

I had intended to write about another topic today, but sometimes I need to remind myself how fortunate I am. Sometimes I feel like I should pause. Freeze. Stop. Bookmark this day on a site in my brain. It’s just an ordinary day of simple pleasures, and one of many, but one I would like to take out of a memory box to reexamine someday.

My husband and I took a walk yesterday morning. We went to the park in our town. I left my phone at home. We were living in the moment. We walked on a path and gazed out at the Delaware River. Yup, Philadelphia is still there. The sun was shining, the river lapped the shore, and a steady breeze kept the heat down. It was beautiful. A grandfather taught his young grandchildren how to fish from the stony beach. Mothers wheeled their babies in carriages. A little girl carried a bunch of colorful balloons. A church group held a service in a pavilion. My husband and I walked and talked. He watched while I did an occasional sprint and ran up the stairs to the battlefield site and did tricep dips on a park bench. We saw a friend who was getting her exercise in, and we stopped to chat for a few minutes. I told my husband we must do this again because we are lucky to have such a place nearby. I am fortunate because my husband agreed to stop what he was doing to walk with me in the park. He is a good man.

After the park, we both worked and did household chores. My husband took a nap. Our daughter and her fiancé stopped by late in the afternoon to tell us about a house they thought they were going to rent. We drank coffee, and my daughter ate a piece of the banana chocolate chip cake I had made the day before. (“See, this is why I won’t fit into my wedding gown,” she said laughingly to her boyfriend. She does not have to worry. She has youth on her side.) We laughed at the antics of one of the cats who positioned himself on the table.

After they left, my husband and I ate homemade pizza for dinner. I had some wine. We watched Orphan Black. I did not do all the work I intended to do. But there’s today, right?

The day got cloudy. My daughter texted me to say the landlord had changed his mind and would not allow pets. So now they must find a new place to rent, and quickly. I feel for them. In fact, I was nearly as upset as my daughter was. I’m hoping they will be able to find someplace that is better. It is difficult to find a rental house that permits pets.

We had thunderstorms during the night.

Yesterday was an ordinary day. It was bright and sunny; it got grey and stormy. But somehow it was special.

22 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures: Sun and Clouds

  1. Simple is not always easy for people like me with agendas and lists, but it is a wonderful way to live. And behind it all is gratitude.

    I’ll try to take your advice today: “Bookmark this day on a site in my brain.”

  2. Beautiful day. So sorry for your daughter’s stryggle. Most places will allow pets but require a deposit. It’s so sad for lonely apartment dwellers who could much benefit from having a cuddle love.

    • Well, some places allow pets, but others do not–or they might only allow small pets. They have a large dog and a cat. Their current apartment complex allows the pets, but they have to move because of my daughter’s job. They were hoping to find a small house or apartment with a yard. Thanks for your comment, Susan!

  3. An ordinary day can be an exceptional day if somehow your perception of it changes.Suddenly realising how beautiful your daughter is when the sun suddenly lands on her through the window, or the holding hands moment on an everyday walk.
    Little is more important than giving ourselves time to see these things, feel these things.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  4. Hi Merril, a beautifully moving post and great you and your husband still enjoy a romantic walk together and make the most of those precious moments together.
    Hope your daughter and her fiance find a place soon. Not nice living in suspended animation.
    xx Rowena

    • I can understand not renting to someone with pets, but it was unfortunate that the landlord changed his mind. They’re looking at another place today. Thanks for commenting.

  5. This post has a poetic quality and moves rhythmically from sun up to sun down with just enough angst thrown in to make it real. I’ve noted, after two rainy days in a row, that my ability to enjoy the day is so much more limited when I can’t get outside. Perhaps I need to attempt walking in the rain, but the prospect doesn’t appeal to me.

    Since you have bookmarked this day in your memory, I can enjoy sunshine and the out-of-doors with you! Thanks, Merril.

  6. What a truly lovely comment, Shirley. Thank you so much!
    We’ve had several days of cool and rainy weather now. I’ve made soup and went back to wearing sweatshirts. The sun is trying to come out today though, and I am cheering it on. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your walk–and I hope the sun comes out, too. Perhaps you’ll see a rainbow!

  7. Really lovely post, Merril, right up to the no pets part. We all need to leave our cell phones behind once a week. Ugh.
    My daughter just went through finding a sublet in New York–and she has a cat. Not fun. But she ended up finding one at the 11th hour–and it’s beautiful.

    • Thank you so much, Luanne. I appreciate your kind words.

      I’m glad your daughter found a place. I think finding an affordable place in NYC is difficult enough even without a pet. My daughter is looking at another place today. We’ll see.

    • Awwwww! You are so sweet, Rachel. Thanks so much.
      My daughter is looking at a place today. We’ll see. Keeping my fingers crossed (not literally–that would make it difficult to type.) 🙂

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