Passion: Part Two–A Bit More Chill

Monday Morning Musings–Part 2

My first post this morning might have been a bit too intense—too passionate?—, so I’ll chill a little by talking about ice cream.

My dad loved ice cream. My dad loved food. He loved eating and he liked socializing around a table. But for many years, his vice of choice was ice cream. When my younger sister and I were little, he would buy several pints, perhaps 8 or maybe more, of hand-packed ice cream in the freezer—you know the type you get from an ice cream store or fountain, not the supermarket freezer section?

I don’t share his passion for ice cream, but I do like ice cream. OK. Sometimes I love it.

After seeing Passion at the Arden, (see previous post) my husband and I walked to Spruce Street Harbor Park. This is the second summer for this popup venture. There is a shady area with trees and flowers, hammocks hang from the trees, and there is a wading pool and fountain.

These ornaments hanging from the trees change color. Spruce Street Harbor Park

These ornaments hanging from the trees change color.
Spruce Street Harbor Park


Along the river, there is a boardwalk with shuffleboard, ping pong, a café/beer garden, a food trucks—including a Franklin Fountain truck.

“Let’s have ice cream,” I said to my husband. “We can have ice cream for dinner tonight.” He agreed.

And so we did.

I had chocolate; he had strawberry. Sometimes we’re so predictable.

Not sorry. It was delicious.

Husband eating strawberry ice cream.

Husband eating strawberry ice cream.

Me enjoying chocolate ice cream.

Me enjoying chocolate ice cream.

Sometimes we're cute eating ice cream in a park.

Sometimes we’re cute eating ice cream in a park.


27 thoughts on “Passion: Part Two–A Bit More Chill

  1. This is sweet – and cute! Merril, I notice what appears to be a writing journal on your picture.

    In the summertime my mother would often churn up a cold treat: She would “make a batch of home-made ice cream in the hand-turned steel can inside the wooden bucket and the crushed ice mixed with salt would do the job of turning that milk and cream from our cows into the most delicious treat one can imagine.” This is a quote I found recently and like. All except the part about cream from our cows would apply to my own experience. We also helped turn the crank on the ice cream churn. Yum!

  2. You two are so cute! Yum, ice cream! It was such a passion with my mother’s family. They only ate ice cream with baby spoons (you know, the ones left over from when the children were toddlers) and swirled chocolate into the ice cream until it was soft serve consistency. My grandparents, my aunt, my uncle, my mom, then me.

  3. As often is the case, I share homemade ice cream memories almost identical to Marian’s. But despite the fact that we occasionally made our own ice cream, we also consumed lots more from other sources. We had ice cream delivery, would you believe? The Kuntzleman truck came every week, and we often bought five half gallons. If we were very, very lucky, we also got popsicles, the kind with ice cream covered with chocolate.

    We one time stopped at an ice cream store on a farm while traveling to upstate NY. For 25 cents, the farmer piled on three big scoops of ice cream. We never saw such big cones and dreamed about that place. When we tried to find it on our next trip, it wasn’t there. 😦

    • I can tell you still long for that ice cream at the upstate NY farm! I can almost taste it myself.

      I’m glad I triggered some memories. I remember having milk delivered when we lived in Dallas, but never ice cream.

  4. Memories of ice cream! I remember hearing the ice cream van and its jingling bells at the end of the street on a hot summer’s day and we as kids running outside in delight! There’s just so much choice nowadays – Any kind of ice cream, soft, hard, covered in a shell of chocolate, crunchy, smooth, flavoured, yoghurt, lollies … o my – just as well it’s winter here in South Africa elsewise I’d be dashing off to the nearest shop for a Magnum … Lovely photos Merril thank you!

  5. I love your idea of dinner. Ice cream is one of our passions, too. It sounds like your dad put you on the right path. We were in Rome and Venice earlier this month and I can’t tell you how many times we stopped for a gelati.

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