The Moon Hums

My attempt at a shadorma. Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge. I borrowed her humming moon because I love the idea so much.



Virgil Solis (German, 1514 – 1562 ), Mvsica (Music), , engraving, Rosenwald Collection Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington.


The moon hums,

The stars pulse in time.

Rhythmic bursts

One, two, three.

A waltzing refrain echoes

Through time forever.







10 thoughts on “The Moon Hums

  1. I’ve heard of villanelle,haiku, but never shadorma, a fascinating form. The idea of a moon humming reminds me of the phrase “music of the spheres” for some reason.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think I can make my mind bend to shadorma right now; it’s too steeped in memoir prose. I applaud your attempt though.

    • I’m ignorant of so many poetic forms, Marian. It’s fun to try though. It makes me think in another way, and it’s a change from the other forms of writing I do professionally. Thanks for commenting.
      I may have had “music of the spheres” in the back of my mind, too.

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