The Water Shimmers: Monotetra Poetry Challenge

This is for Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge 

This came after a sleepless night filled with strange dreams.



The water shimmers in the morn

Foggy glimmers as day is born

Shadowy creatures from me torn

A fading form, a fading form


That fading form, from blackest night

Dreamy vision, sighs with the light

Then from the wat’ry mist I sight

A ghost in flight, a ghost in flight.


The ghost in flight, tossed from my sleep

A dream-born stranger from the deep

Rising slowly, an upwards creep

A vow to keep, a vow to keep


A vow to keep, to see your smile

To travel thither and a mile

To undergo the nightmare trial

And yet meanwhile, and yet meanwhile


And yet meanwhile, I see your smile.



24 thoughts on “The Water Shimmers: Monotetra Poetry Challenge

  1. splendid capturing of a dreamscape (one of the more difficult feats), working in seamlessly with the form, with the added redundancy from one stanza to another stanza, the strange connections between moments in dreams.

  2. Golly Merril this is lovely! I can’t remember all the poetry terms iambic pentameter etc -all I know is that this poem had a rhythm to it and captured your dream so well.

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