Musing on My Muse

There’s a test I should be writing

but I sigh, it’s more inviting

when my muse sings, “write poetry.”

I say my work, it must prevail,

coffee, my potion, will not fail

me, but, she, my own, can foresee–

no sexy, fierce Venus in fur,

she gently coos, and I concur

a sign, I see, of what will be.


I wrote a nove otto for my first time using the Secret Keeper’s weekly writing prompt.

This week, the words, test/potion/muse/own/sign,  seemed too perfect to pass on. So I didn’t.



13 thoughts on “Musing on My Muse

  1. How amusing that a test-writer is lured by the T-word to write poetry, your true love. I agree with Janet and Merril wholeheartedly.

    I often feel a muse luring me from memoir writing to blog posting. Sprints are easier than marathons, you know. 😉

  2. I enjoyed your nove otto–it had form and freeness (undoubtedly thanks to your muse)..I was just playing with the same prompt words and I must say coffee was a potion that came to mind (often does) 🙂

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