NaPoWriMo: Sisters

They returned from a shopping adventure,


because a stranger thought they were twins.


because they’re three years apart,


because they differ in height and body shape–

one head with brown curls, one head with red–


because their voices and mannerisms proclaim,

“We are sisters.”


because laughing is better than crying

although some times crying is necessary, too,


because random combinations of genes

produce such similarities and such differences,

nature and nurture combined

to produce such wondrous, laughing creatures,

my daughters.


NaPoWriMo, Day 2: Today’s prompt was Family Potrait





30 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: Sisters

  1. I am laughing as I write this because my nieces are three years apart and have come to look so much alike that I spent this past week calling the niece I was staying with by her sister’s name.

  2. Too bad those Ivory soap commercials aren’t you still around. You know the ones: moms and daughters together washing the dishes in ivory soap. And you just coudn’t tell which was which.

    My mom and I have been “sisters” since I was about 11. Once we were “clones.” That was more fun. Thanks for bring some lightness to the situation.

    • I guess it would be strange for a mother and daughter to be considered twins or clones. There’s no way I’d be considered either with my daughters, nor with my mom. But you can definitely tell my daughters are sisters, and you can tell they are my daughters. 🙂

  3. My sister Jan and I, also three years apart, have been mistaken for twins. We laugh because we can’t understand why they’d think that. Those who don’t know us observe voices and mannerisms and see the similarities. We see the differences. That’s my theory.

  4. Enjoyed this … even though I sometimes struggle with poetry, I always enjoy the story-telling aspect of it. This painted a complicated, smiling, happy picture.

  5. Such a joyful portrait. And thought-provoking regarding surfaces and depths, how we appear and how we learn to know people as individuals.

  6. My younger sister and I look very alike, similar mannerisms and we sound the same. We sometimes phone our husbands and pretend to be the other … we laugh and laugh. Life is for laughing when we can. Even when she phones me (we live far from each other) I wonder who is who? Thanks for this happy post Merril!

  7. Lovely poetry about sisters, sometimes my grown daughters need to reach back to this “laughing moments” to bridge how far they grew apart. This touched my heart, Merril.

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