The Raven Flies


flying at night,

lightning’s jagged staircase

unfurls a luminous pathway




fields below him,

setting his sights, he soars–

landing by his love-mate, who caws,



This is a cinquain for Jane Dougherty’s challenge.

Apparently raven’s mate for life, and they make “comfort sounds” that are different from their more common “Caws.”  You can listen here.





21 thoughts on “The Raven Flies

      • I like the idea of ravens. There must be something about them that makes them more likeable than crows which are also big, black and intelligent. Maybe because they’ve learned to live in towns and become more like people?

      • I think we have crows here, rather than ravens. I like them. They’re very social. I just listened to a Cornel video about crows and ravens, and the scientist said that both have distinctive calls that are understood within their own neighborhoods. I love how they seem to talk to each other, and to find that ravens also have life partners and special comfort calls made me strangely happy. (I’m a romantic.) 🙂

  1. I love the story in this–that though the raven’s day job may be full of battles, signs and portents, he still gets to go home and relax just like anyone else. 🙂

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