NaPoWriMo: Marriage

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Cover: Courtship and Marriage, broadside from Boston, c. 1750. American Antiquarian Society


Marital expectations: changing

Marital ideals.

Choosing partner;

an open question.

Marriage: adjustment after;

fights over money;

and sex;

and new partners.

Imperfect solution;



Financial distress

Love: within marriage;

husbands and wives:

as equal partners.


NaPoWriMo, Day 12ย Prompt: To write a poem based on an index. I used phrases from the index of my book, Breaking the Bonds: Marital Discord in Pennsylvania, 1730-1830.




18 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: Marriage

  1. I don’t usually try these kinds of poems. They aren’t gimmicks, but ways to open the imagination, but for some reason I don’t usually even think of doing them. You are inspiring me.

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