NaPoWriMo: How to Enjoy Spring


Laugh with the daffodils; they’re

not prickly, like roses, no

they’ll invite you to join them

as they giggle and sway in

the gentle breeze fragrant with

the scent of wet earth and plants just

sprouting from it yellow green,

watch the spindrift of pearly

petals as they float from the trees,

sing with the robin as dawn breaks

turning the clouds to flowers

of melon pink and pumpkin orange

growing in the sky,

listen to the mockingbird

call at dusk, a hundred calls,

your windows opened wide

to embrace the sounds, the scents,

sit with loved ones in the garden

tasting the garnet sweetness

of wine on your tongue,

rejoice the days have lightened,

brightened from winter’s gloom,

bask in the warmth of the sun

and shiver just a bit as night falls,

linger in the glow of the moon

as it rises in the night,

full and round,

pregnant with hope.

NaPoWriMo, Day 19  A “how-to” poem

26 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: How to Enjoy Spring

  1. Yes, I am taking these instructions to heart! I especially love
    “listen to the mockingbird
    call at dusk, a hundred calls”
    “the spindrift of pearly

  2. This one definitely merits a smile! and I think this version of spring has finally arrived too.
    I admire how you are keeping up with the prompts…well, I’ll have plenty to draw from in future months. Although Jane is going to get me to finally do a san san. (K)

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