NaPoWriMo: Kitchen Jazz

I danced in my kitchen today

a ballet of swirling pots and baking trays,

an early morning tarantella

whirling in 6/8 time,

then abruptly changing

crazy meters–

Unsquare Dance–

a rush to get in all done—

because I’m off to sell my wares

to talk and schmooze with other author types.

Wait, take five,


Tap my toes to the saxophone.


I’ll go and chat,

perhaps even enjoy that—

what, being in the spotlight?

Then it’s home again to set the table,

heat the soup,

to be with my family all together

at one time.

I danced in my kitchen this morning,

and I’ll dance again tonight,

But this time I won’t be alone,

others will be dancing with me.


NaPoWriMo, Day 23 

Off prompt today. Book Festival this morning, and Passover dinner tonight. You can listen to Dave Brubeck’s  Unsquare Dance here.



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