The Long Walk

NOR Måneskinn, ENG Moonlight

Jane Dougherty’s challenge this week was to write a poem using this painting as a prompt and some or all of these words:

winding – moonlight – follow – heavily – path


She stood in the moonlight

sensing his presence behind her

waiting did not bother him

he was patient

as was she

knowing, but not yet ready,

not quite ready to follow him.

He stood still, behind her

a shadow image


not unkind

simply there.

Then it was time.

Death took her hand,

and they walked together

through the moonlight

down the winding path







20 thoughts on “The Long Walk

  1. since i had already interpreted the figure behind as a shadow, i focused on the person in the window as being the one whose “presence” was sensed – did not see Death coming into being. :0

  2. Yes, a gentleness; and I loved how they were both patient. And since it is my business to see odd connections, I will say this took me right back to today’s (teary-eyed) finishing of reading THE BURIED GIANT by Ishiguro.

    • Oh–I haven’t read it yet. (You didn’t read the end first, did you?)
      Jane had me thinking of the shadow as being someone else, and then I thought of a Twilight Zone episode where a young Robert Redford was Death, and he was very patient and gentle.

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