When They Played A Charade

The Henry Mancini score

And the Givenchy costumes

The Parisian vistas

An identity–or four


Line: “Oh, you should see your face.”

“It’s lovely,” he says to her.

Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant

Romance, chases, glamour, place


Comedy-thriller, a game,

Phone calls, bodies, fake IDs

Witty banter, the charade

Hitchcock film without his name.


I thought I’d do something different. This is in response to the Secret Keeper’s Writing Prompt. This week’s words:


I couldn’t resist.

Here’s the trailer for the movie. 



13 thoughts on “When They Played A Charade

  1. I used to love “Roman Holiday.” I was not as crazy about “Charade.” You made me think twice about my opinion. Interesting how you compare it to Hitchcock’s movies.it does have many of his trademarks. Thanks for enlightening me, also giving me food for thought on why don’t I like “Charade.”

    • The Hitchcock comment is not original. You will find many people saying that about “Charade.” Roman Holiday is a totally different movie that just happens to also have Audrey Hepburn in it–and an older leading man. Shots of Rome instead of Paris. But different tone and story. I wouldn’t say “Charade” was my favorite movie, but the prompt made me think of it. 🙂

      • Merril, no worries. I understood the prompt and liked your giving a sketch other film in the poem. This was a fun and clever response.

        I wasn’t trying to be too serious, just analyzing it too much! 🙂
        I have seen “Charade” a few times but “Roman Holiday” many times. After I thought about it, I prefer lighter, more comical movies than Hitchcock or other mysteries in this genre. The idea of pretty scenery including sinister plotting seems to take away from it. That being said, I also liked “To Russia with Love,” with a romantic undercurrent in the James Bond spy business. 😉 Many beautiful scenes may be displayed out the window of the train, even in black and white.

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