Shake It at the Sky

“And there’s very many lazy beetles that are just waiting around to steal the balls of other industrious beetles and often there are big fights in the dung piles,” he said.

Sailors long ago,

guided their ships

by the light of the heavens.

Birds do it, bees do it,

maybe educated fleas do it,

poop-loving beetles do it, too–

navigate by the stars,

who knew?


Industrious beetles

working hard,

do a dance,

a poopy prance,


snapping pictures,

they map the sky.

Do they stop to wonder why?

Tiny brains or not

they know what’s what.

Perhaps there is a lesson there

to do your best

to aim for the stars,

even with your feet in, well, shit.


Yet even in the insect world

there are slackers,

hijackers of poo.

Everyone wants to be top bug,

to reach the summit,

it’s a struggle, a fight,

to reach the end,

to know it’s in sight

to reach the peak

to climb so high

to roll that ball.

My mountain might be

your molehill,

and it mighty be stinky pile,

but so what?

It’s a meal.


The quotation comes from an article, and you can read it here.





20 thoughts on “Shake It at the Sky

  1. And there goes Merril, hijacking all my good NPR-source inspiration. Just kidding! This is so clever and enjoyable to read. (And now I’m going to go read the article about the Hawaiian sailors that you seem to make a veiled reference to in the first lines…)

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I wasn’t actually thinking of the Hawaiian sailors here–just sailors in general. So many cool things to write about using NPR articles (and articles in general.) 🙂

  2. Wonderful fun! My junior high school science teacher said that there was more protein to be found in the town’s toilets than in our cafeteria. But he didn’t really want to get it that way! Such a memorable moment!

  3. I am not sure what just hit me but I love this! Just fits in with so much rattling in my head…like the huge brown beetle-like bugs that show up on my front porch..going to check the article 🙂

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