The Jell-O That We Swim In


“Different Flavors of Black Holes” Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Yale University


Far away, in distances

measured by the speed of light

over a billion light-years

black holes collide and then merge,

rippling the space-time sea with waves,

distances shift, a small change

a bounce along our space-time

flexible, wiggly Jell-O,

flavors of the universe

in spectrum colors streaming,

cosmological redshift


In another galaxy,

music plays, people dance, laugh

multi-colored stars mingle,

then worlds collide, and death spirals

black density traps the light

until it vanishes, mostly

but for faint trails, streaming hope

rippling the space-time sea

like gravitational waves


In this article about the second finding of gravitational waves from black holes, researcher Gabriela González, said of space, “It’s like a Jell-O that we all swim in.”

Here is the sound of two black holes colliding:





11 thoughts on “The Jell-O That We Swim In

  1. Ooh, so cool! I am fascinated by the sky, at night, daytime or in between. My father brought home a film projector early in our lives and brought weekly NASA films to watch on Friday or Sat. nights. I learned a lot about the planets and the stars.
    The idea of the sky being like jello (Gabriella Gonzalez) provided a great impetus for your inspiring poem! Merril, this was so meaningful and beautiful at the same time. ❤
    I wrote my reply on your next post where the two children look forlorn. This included my family's little saying if we spy a falling star BEFORE I read this post. 🙂

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