Anniversary Waltz



Once, in time past

with the sun high above

we stood with hands clasped

and promised our love


With those gathered round us

time stilled, stood entranced

then without fuss

it started, we danced


One step for loving

sighs for step two

three steps for wishing

our dreams all come true


A heart needs no translator

it has its own will

now many years later,

we dance together still


We waltzed cheek to cheek

but the hours have flown

our hair’s gray, our bones squeak

and our daughters are grown


Still we dance with bones creaky

because love doesn’t age

and we dance, heads gray-streaky

and turn the next page


One step for loving

sighs for step two

three steps for wishing

our dreams all come true


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Our  wedding dance, thirty-eight years ago, was to Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle.”

You can hear it here. 







37 thoughts on “Anniversary Waltz

  1. Merril, happiness has blessed you and your husband over the years. Happy 38th Anniversary, my new, dear friend!
    I am going to tell you a story about a boy and a girl who met in 1974, the first day of college. Boy from where girl’s both parents had lived growing up and they met in their college years. (Cincinnati, Ohio) Girl thought this was a “sign” it was meant to be. They married on 7-8-78, both sets of rings said “forever” and that date. We had two children together, a boy and a girl. We had a “problem” which came down through his father’s side of the family. We tried to fight the disease with the girl going to Al-Anon meetings and marriage counseling together. We ended up divorced in 1984, my second marriage ironically met a man, who was a social worker like I was at the time. He wss from my parent’s home town who went to high school with my ex-husband who “recommended” him as a suitable stepfather to his children. We had a baby but he was unfaithful so soon. We ended up in counseling and divorced. I am so happy, I moved to an unfamiliar town, half way to their Daddy and halfway to my own parent’s house.
    Mertil, I had a 1, 3 and 5 year old to raise. Two of my kids are raising children here in this town. At church, I met 2 families who needed a good babysitter so I stayed home and raised my 3 plus 4 other kids. I am blessed! My happy ending may someday be to meet a nice man who would like to spend time and live simply, happily ever after. If not, life is still marvelous! ❤

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