The light is gone, so sleep my child,

dream of visions that shine brightly

in worlds of sunshine, times of joy,


of cats and dogs, of nights so mild,

the sun’s set, as it does nightly,

it’s time for rest, so be not coy,


no fear of night, all day you smiled

now close your eyes, do so tightly

with bedtime story, hold your toy


to comfort you, please don’t be wild,

it won’t do to be so flighty,

night’s fancies, can’t the day’s destroy


sleep well, my child, without sorrow

love for you, today, tomorrow


This is in response to Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge.  This week’s challenge was to write a trilonnet, a 14-line poem of four, three-line verses. Each line is 8 syllables, with a rhyming couplet at the end.  I used the rhyme scheme abc abc abc abc dd. I did not use Jane’s picture prompt, but I did use her phrase “The light is gone” to start off the poem.








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