Come Peace: #Poets for Peace

Come peace,

blossom overnight

like a moonflower, glowing

reflect the streaming light

through gentle winds blowing.


Come peace,

bury your roots deeply

and send your branches high

make of them a sanctuary, steeply

angled green and brown, reaching to the sky.


Come peace,

and war be gone, vanish

as winter snow melts and disappears

running to the sea, then banish

the anger, the sorrow, the hatred, the tears.


Come peace

like a flowing river changes course

pretend it is not strange to turn aside

from destined paths, to value life instead of force,

we will not know until we’ve tried.


This poem is in response to Secret Keeper’s writing challenge, using these words: Gone/Change/Pretend/Strange/Life

It is also in response to poets for peace, which is being hosted on the Forgotten Meadow s blog. I’ve also posted it in the comments there.  You can read about this poetry collaboration there and add your voice.


















20 thoughts on “Come Peace: #Poets for Peace

  1. I liked the reference to moonflower since it sounds like a beautiful and tranquil (like the moon is) plant. Yes, banish war, anger, hatred, sorrow and tears. We need Peace now more than we did in the seventies, when I felt like we would never find it, as a teenager in high school.
    I wrote a story about a Santa Claus who told a girl, “There is Peace” when she asked if Santa could bring “Peace on Earth,” Merril. (It was really me, as a four year old girl. It made my Dad so proud of me, because Santa asked if there was anything else I wanted and I finally looked up into his face and said, “a pair of red shoes.”)
    Then, I imagined this man going home and taking his costume off, getting a beer and sitting visualizing a war, he had served in.

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  3. Merri. It’s a beautiful poem, and the anaphora Come Peace begs me to write more at home. Thanks for sharing your voice and being a part of the collaboration.

    Here are my favorite lines:
    “Come peace,

    bury your roots deeply

    and send your branches high

    make of them a sanctuary, steepl

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