Once Upon a Time: The Rider




Once upon a time, there was a prince riding in the moonlight

He rode under a cobalt sky

with soaring stars and watchful moon.

He wandered over mountains high

seeking the princess and her tune.


Lance at hand to slay a dragon,

his shield and bridle from a king,

and for the thirst, wine and flagon,

to shatter war’s curse, she must sing.


Strapped to his back, he bore the gift

to ease the conflict in their land,

tirra lirra, go fast and swift,

his horse galloped across the sand.


The journey seemed to last a year,

the urn of peace, well-locked, kept dry

till he came to her castle, here,

riding his steed β€˜neath cobalt sky.


The princess sang and shattered urn,

the prince journeyed on, far and wide.

And so war died, did not return,

Now peace is here, and will abide.


Here is another peace poem. This one in response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge. The prompt was the painting above by John Bauer, which carries the caption, “Once upon a time there was a prince riding in the moonlight” that I used for my opening.

The prompt words are: Star, gift, wander, soaring, cobalt.



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