In the Rain



Franz Marc, In the Rain, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

She dreamt of war, of bombs and mines,

portents and signs

a warning drum

of things to come


She, a seer, of what could be,

and she could see

red blood in streams,

relentless dreams


So she dreamt rain, and jungle vines

in flowing lines,

magic unfurled

throughout her world


This is a minute poem in response to Jane Doughertyโ€™s poetry challenge. The prompt was the painting above by Franz Marc. She also suggested the words: rain/red/relentless/river/regrets. I used rain, red, and relentless.








14 thoughts on “In the Rain

  1. Merril, I almost want to replace the first time you mentioned “dreams” with nightmares! Then, as she found ways to insert life and Nature go with the beautiful dreams.
    That painting is perfect for the dual subject matters.

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