Walk and Talk

“but before I can live with other folks I’ve got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.”

–Atticus Finch in Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird


No harm was done

(just talk).

Walk and talk,

Tic Tac talk

(and looming walk),

no deep thought,

(just locker room talk),

boys will be boys talk,

(that’s what they say),

but they might stare,

and grab,

so best beware,

take some care,

(though it’s just talk).

Hate-filled words

(incite some action).

Obscene gestures

(from small hands)

Obscene thoughts

(from small minds),

Dog whistles and gas lighting,

talk’s just talk

(even if it’s frightening).

But if it prevails

(the repulsive talk,

the racist squawks

the bully stalk)

It’s all our loss,

(It’s not just talk.)


This poem is for Secret Keeper’s Writing Challenge.

The prompt words are: Harm/Deep/Act/Stare/Loss

And here’s the kind of “walk and talk” I like. With a president I like.  Vote!


24 thoughts on “Walk and Talk

    • Thanks, Sarah. Yes, I think the “Trumpettes” get a lot of attention–and let’s face it, so many of them are looney and/or deplorable–but there are many many Americans who do not support him.

  1. Excellent post, Merril. As writers, we all know how words we write have an effect on people. I think those who are insulting to others, ought to stick a whole lot of Tic Tacs in their mouths, so they don’t bring people down.

  2. This was a fantastic way to include all the problems and degradation of the opposition. The leadership under him may not “gas” or kill anyone, who knows? Still could happen if he is elected. Being diligent and spreading the word is brave and I am proud of this poetic stance you took here.
    I wish I could work in a different place, there are probably ten to fifteen of us on Team Hope and the rest of the hundreds of people are for Team Hate.
    My grown children are all “with me,” thank goodness! 🙂
    At least my brothers, Mom and sister in law live in a very hopeful area of Cleveland.

  3. I loved that quote from Harper Lee, Merril. She’s fabulous and would’ve made a great president…at least as far as character and outlook are concerned.
    The only contribution I can make to the US election discussions at the moment, is that Hilary’s team have sold way more bumper stickers than Trump and this is apparently a good indicator of the elction results. I hope they’re right.
    xx Rowena

    • I can’t see Harper Lee as president, but it’s an interesting thought. Perhaps she would have made a good advisor of some sort.
      I’m surprised about the bumper stickers. I haven’t actually seen many either way around here. When we went to visit my mother-in-law, we saw many DT signs. UGHHHHH!

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