Blood, Ghosts, and Morning: Magnetic Poetry

The Oracle is very sensitive, though not great at spelling. She picked up that I’ve been reading articles about rape for my books, and that I’m disgusted by how women are treated all over the world, and of course, the current political climate.



Secret rhythm of women

red blush

men must not see

an eternity dying

ghosts linger


I remembered hearing this story.



Then the Oracle decided to give me something more pleasant.




remember the morning

candy heart perfume

picture it warm

we explore time

liquid & soft

it is flowering




By Mmacbeth – Own work, Public Domain,


32 thoughts on “Blood, Ghosts, and Morning: Magnetic Poetry

  1. Every word in this post is “magnetically” woven together. Including the NPR article. Powerful energy! Are we doing magnetic poetry on our own or is there a group thing happening? Just wondering. πŸ™‚

  2. I felt some connection between the two poems, too. Maybe it’s that both seem to me to express something about the secret rhythm of women.
    I share your disgust. 😦

  3. Rape – I have no words – one of the spoils of war too – how can there be any glory? I wonder sometimes if men have a primal rage towards women for being born? But your beautiful photograph and words are a balm, thank you Merril ..

  4. Ha! I do enjoy your poems, and these two side by side, could very well describe a nightmare in Candy Land πŸ˜€

    “Oh, watch out there, little Billy, the Three Musketeers have no Almond Joy in their hearts. Run off before they pull out their licorice whips!” πŸ˜€

  5. The two poems both have meaning and can entreat important messages.
    The first I can relate to due to my good friend from college being raped on campus. My friend was ashamed and felt her parents would say it was “her fault.” She got pregnant, first time and a virgin before. I am not sure why but she knew my Mom as being a HS teacher, asked her to come with us. Mom was not phased and we took her to Detroit to have an abortion. She is still close to me, as well as my Mom. (Both her parents are gone, also she was my maid of honor in my first wedding.) We talk at least every other week.
    The second is my favorite part~ a positive alternative. Love expressed. It could be in a committed, physical relationship or displayed in a gorgeous morning sunrise. All those sweet elements made me conjure up a magical, romantic time, Merril!

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