Love Whispered: A Quadrille

Once, long ago, love whispered in her ear,

sibylline secrets,

and she had dreamed,

heard the stars sing,

she remembered–

though her skin now ivory crepe

once glowed pink, luminous–

come, love, I’m tired,

she sighs,

then goes.

Forever, she dances amidst the stars.


This is for dVerse. The prompt was the word “whisper.”




22 thoughts on “Love Whispered: A Quadrille

  1. This is just beautiful, Merril. I had to do some huntin’ to find it, though. Your link goes to last time’s Quadrille (curl). If you post a new link, I can remove the old one.

  2. This was a timeless poem, Merril. You could picture these words expressed in the early 1900’s, more recently and currently. The whispers, sweet dreams, dancing, while aging changes the outer appearance. . . the heart still loves.

  3. This poem is of strength within a person, I think. I love your heroine who doesn’t rely on the superficial to find her joy. She dances with the stars. Like you, who marches with other enlightened souls. ⭐️💫🌟✨⚡️

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