January 20, 2017: A Quadrille

In 1799, George Washington died,

the nation cried,

with solemn faces,

tears leaving traces,

salt licks of grief.

No relief,

we look at the past,

and fear the future casts

black shadows—so we mourn,


between hope’s whispers, freedom’s shout,

resist, watch out.


Another quadrille for Dverse.


30 thoughts on “January 20, 2017: A Quadrille

  1. We’re back home from our travels and we’re watching the inauguration as I write. Here’s hoping the transition goes well and that the fears in the US and world wide do not manifest … hope whispers it is true, but without hope what are we?

  2. I typed up a comment but unsure what happened to it – if a duplicate my apologies. We’re back as of this afternoon from our travels and watching the inauguration as I write – your quadrille is lovely Merril – fear and hope counterpoised – here’s hoping that there is good reason to be hopeful.

  3. Hope is very important … and I know you will also be diligent. … and I was successful today in not watching! … not even the morning shows. … but I did watch an episode of Pioneer Woman.

  4. Excellent and powerful words. Potent quadrille. We need poems like yours to look back on and remember these shadows that need to be chased away. I’m tired of division and lies. Why won’t DT’s followers see how dangerous he is?

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