A Candle Flickers


A candle flickers

light in the darkness gleaming

through cracks, freedom comes


My thoughts go to all of the people all over the world who strive to bring light to the darkness. I will be doing my small part by marching in Philadelphia today.


Georges de La Tour [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons







20 thoughts on “A Candle Flickers

  1. Lovely and inspirational haiku, Merril. Weren’t the crowds of protesters unbelievable?

    It was sad to see Trump and the White House Press secretary make false claims about the inauguration crowd. How surreal is this world we live in?

    • Thanks so much, Rose. It was incredible to see all the crowds and all the sister marches. It was truly inspiring.
      I remarked on FB that DT seems obsessed with size. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      You are right that the world has become surreal. My co-editor for one of my books is from Turkey. She wrote to me that at least here in the U.S. we have a democratic tradition and culture to use in protesting against “a buffoon.”

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