I’ll Make Borscht Today: A Quadrille

Iโ€™ll make borscht today,

let it simmer in the pot

comforting and hot,

red like blood,

or flowers that might bloom

if ever spring returns,

ice now covers branches, leaves, and souls

twisted with cold,

memories of warmth faded

till ladled in a bowl




This is a quadrille for dVerse. The prompt word was spring.

We got some snow yesterday, but then we got rain and sleet. Everything is coated in ice.












28 thoughts on “I’ll Make Borscht Today: A Quadrille

  1. I liked how the warmth and color of borscht is a reminder of the warmth and color of spring and also the suggestion with “might” that nothing is guaranteed although I think we can count on spring eventually coming.

    • Thank you so much, Olga. I’m glad I brought back happy memories. My grandparents came from what is now Belarus and Ukraine. My borscht was vegetarian, so not traditional, but still delicious. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The bright color reminds me of the beet pickled eggs, which reminds me of Ukrainian eggs. . . Spring will be hatching eggs soon, Merril.
    I like borscht and on your other post your pastries, too! It is nice to be at home while it is cold outside. I was happy we have a few spots of heat in our warehouse this year. Yay, Advance Auto uses their profits to say, “Let them have heat!”
    The kids had a two hour school delay, just driving ‘sitters and parents a bit crazy here.

    • Thanks, Robin. There were school delays here, too, though the roads looked fine to me the next day. It is a pain when there is a delay. My daughter’s school is a bit further south, and she had school the day it was snowing/sleeting/raining by her house, but mostly raining there. She was not happy to have to drive to school that day.

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