Songs of Spring: A Quadrille

Here is more spring-like quadrille for dVerse.


With delight, the robin sings

amidst his vernal wandering,

each treble note

seems to float

over newly surfaced yellow-green,

and we are keen

to feel the warmth, to taste the air,

to go about without a care

to listen to the songs of spring


By J. M. Pearson (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons







28 thoughts on “Songs of Spring: A Quadrille

  1. I enjoyed the borscht poem so much I came back for seconds and you’ve written another beauty, Merril! The rhymes give your Quadrille a lovely lilt, like the robin’s song,

    • Thanks so much, Kerfe. I think some robins must winter here now. But when the weather got warm in February, I started hearing them. Not so much the last few days though, though there was a little sparrow just chirping his heart out by the back steps earlier today.

      • The sparrows have been landing on my window sill and looking at me. Their colors are so beautiful when you see them up close, not the brown blur that registers from a distance. If I talk to them they leave though.
        I’ve also been hearing a lot of cardinals.

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