Spring Waltz: Tanka


leaves of yellow-green,

bursting clouds of pink and white

awakened from sleep

spring arrives, a twirling waltz

pastel blooms dancing in joy



Ralph Todd , Public Domain, via Wikipedia Commons

There’s still snow on the ground here, but it’s melting. This poem is a wish for Colleen Chesebro’s weekly tanka challenge. The prompt words were clouds and spring.



11 thoughts on “Spring Waltz: Tanka

  1. I like the muted colors of pastels in Spring. This painting is beautiful!
    First, forcythia arrive in Ohio~ our floral harbingers. Next pale lavender spring beauties and yellow trilliums carpet the forest floor. They give birth to the brighter colors as hyacinths, irises and roses lead us towards summer. . . I like the deep burgundy and golden orange chrysanthemums of autumn. Brilliant tones of red borrowed from Mexican flowers back in 1900’s for winter’s poinsettias.
    The waltz of bursting pink and white was what sent me off in such a colorful direction, Merril.

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