River to the Stars: #Haibun



I paddle slowly. The river wanders like my thoughts, meandering, unhurried. The water forms patterns, sparkling ribbons that dance with the breeze’s soft kiss. The breeze smells of earth, water, and of greenery sprouting and blooming, the scent of life and promise. I watch a great egret perform a sun salutation. A turtle on a moving branch floats by, a surfer hanging ten. I see fish swimming just beneath the glimmering surface of the water. Their silver scales catch the light, as they twirl in an aquatic ballet. This river has been my place of dreams, my place for dreaming. I say goodbye.


The blue planet fades

soon only a memory

carried in my heart

adrift, sailing through star seas

scarcely feeling the shockwaves


I am in a tiny vessel hurtling through the vast universe. I am sad and scared–but filled with wonder. Though I think of Earth, remember the sun-glowed river, it is like a dream. The stars call to me. I’ve awakened, and I listen.



This is my first attempt at a haibun. Colleen Chesebro provides an outstanding explanation of the form, if you are interested.  The prompt words were  earth and water.



34 thoughts on “River to the Stars: #Haibun

  1. Merill! This is amazing. From what I’ve read about the Haibun form, it is the “twist” that really makes the poem come to life. Your Haibun did just that. The end is the kicker and makes the reader see the memories from the first lines of prose. WOW! ❤

  2. Rip roaring river-ingly riveting and glorious. I laughed at Jane’s comment about “Major Tom.” But I think it may be your soul talking – I felt like it was my soul talking and listening at the same time.
    Now, I need to go learn about the Haibun. xo

  3. I like the different patterns within this writing, Merril. It does seem reminiscent in the beginning with senses full. I like the way you described how Spring smells~ earth, water, greenery, life, and promise. I felt this captured essence of freshly moistened ground and grass.
    As the earth closes down, it will still have purpose as it glides out into the “star seas.” Beautifully written with a nod to certain urgency in our existence.

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