The Enigma: NaPoWriMo

He always had a smile,

stopped to chat a bit, awhile

with friends he met out in the street


Magazine covers featured his face,

seen here and there and every place

he was in demand to meet-and-greet


Men admired his style,

women loved his smile,

sighed and wondered if his lips were sweet


He was considered hale and hearty

invited to every important party

(without him the guest list was incomplete)


But on one inconsequential night

shortly before dawn rose bright

he placed a gun against his head

shocked, he was an enigma, everybody said.


This is for  NaPoWriMo-Day 4. The prompt was an enigma or riddle.






23 thoughts on “The Enigma: NaPoWriMo

    • I wrote much of it in my head while in spin class today, and it was only after I had it all finished that I thought of Richard Cory. I probably haven’t read that poem in thirty years.

  1. So often we don’t see the pain people are in. Your poem reminds me of the comments people make to the media when someone in their neighborhood does something shocking. “He was always so quiet. He never bothered anyone.”

    Also, Stevie Smith’s poem “Not waving but drowning.” I first read that poem 35 years ago and have never been able to get it out of my head.

    • Thanks, Carol. Yes, you are right. People hide so much. I was listening to a woman who was with Prince for several years, and she talked about how they grieved differently for the baby they lost.
      I will have to look up that Stevie Smith poem.

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