Time Paradox: NaPoWriMo


The portal door opens, and I am here. Before. I look out at this beautiful sun-splashed world. What did they do to it, this planet they called Earth? There is magic here in this moment. I feel it in the sun-steamed breeze. I taste it in the flower-blossomed air. I close my eyes and make a wish. Hoping it works better this time, I spread my wings, pause for one more second to watch the iridescent feathers gleam in the sunlight. Then, I take flight to make first contact—again.

paradox of time,

space bending, moments flowing,

slip-rippling along

ends become beginning points

with magic, wishes, and hope


Today is Day 19 of NaPoWriMo. The prompt was to write a creation myth. I suppose this haibun is a sort of re-creation myth, based on some microfiction I wrote a while ago. It’s also possible that I had time paradoxes on my mind from watching an episode of Star Trek: Voyager a few nights ago.

This haibun is also for Colleen Chesebro’s weekly poetry challenge. The prompt words for her birthday week are wish and magic, and I wish her heaps of birthday magic.







30 thoughts on “Time Paradox: NaPoWriMo

  1. Oh! Well anything with wings…
    This works really well with my poem for Colleen and the collage I posted today. You and Jane together, a good meditative start to my morning. (K)

  2. Not easy to write creation myth! Especially in such a short time! Yet you achieved it. Reminded me of this film Silent Running which used to be a favorite of mine as a kid, about the last of earths greenery being sent off into space to be ‘saved’ and what happened. The idea of the beginning and the end – a circle. Excellent.

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  4. I like your time paradox, which indicates circular paths. It sure would be magical if we could start over. Hopefully, the pattern may transform the present. With more green (chlorophyll) added to eliminate the brown (pollution) to our Earth.

      • Yes! Reverse the damage. . . I accidentally went to the polls on (5/1) Tuesday, excited to get some other people into our state and local governments​.
        Ooh, I wish you could see this horrible camo wearing man named Householder, of course holding a gun. . . It definitely makes me want to gag and puke.
        I’ll go back to the polls next Tuesday and try to get mental health, Senior citizens, and school support, too.

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