Queen of the Universe

 In the morning,

a song slips,

slides suddenly into my head

“Shall We Dance,”

a mini-movie in my mind,

Anna and the King twirl

I see her gown swirl

just that,

just for a second

the way dreams  do,

encompassing entire lives

in a flash, flame, and then disappear,

and I wonder

what just happened?

I go about my day,

but later,

in my car,

I turn on the radio,

hear a clear soprano voice sing “Shall We Dance,”

it’s an actress touring in The King and I,

coincidence, synchronicity, cosmic joke?

I wonder

just for a second

(time expands and contracts

paths diverge)

just for a second,

I wonder—

how do these things happen?

Perhaps I really am,

Queen of the Universe,

I could bring world peace,

people would sing and dance,

we’d all have

a clear understanding,

this kind of thing can happen,

can’t it?

(another path perhaps,

another road)

a truck passes me,

I keep on driving



Details of two dancers from the Tomb of the Triclinium in the Necropolis of Monterozzi
Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Dance, Don’t Fight

The radio interview was on Here and Now .







42 thoughts on “Queen of the Universe

  1. I like your possibilities given of “coincidence, synchronicity, or cosmic joke,” Merril. This is so cool! I like the song, by the way. I also enjoy your imagining yourself as, Queen of the Universe.
    I would much prefer You to be in charge than those who are building up their ammunition and arms supplies.
    I love when this happens to me, “a dreamer,” also. This happenstance seems like a “gift.” 🎁

  2. Music has a way of cutting through to the heart of the matter. Maybe we do need a Queen of the Universe to bring about world peace.

  3. Love this! It’s always creepy cool when that kind of thing happens. It’s not exactly frisson. But I’m sure there’s a word for it somewhere.

  4. Dear Queen of the Universe: Can there be TWO queens? Because I totally believe in synchronicity and it happens all the time for me, also. Now, Shall We Dance into our writing minds, our poetic minds, and ask the universe for more proof of our ‘queen-ness’? 😉

  5. You’re incredibly creative M. And able to take on any subject. It may seem odd to say but I’m appreciative of your compendium of subjects related to rape, you did it very well every gender studies and psychology class should read it. Such a talented lady.

      • Merril, I have not even met you and I admire you so I guess you did a terrific job but then you are friends of Jane and she’s an incredible woman so I should not be surprised that she has such talented friends.

      • PS if you ever do an update on the book or a similar subject I would love to donate myself to the cause and help you even in any small way I could, because I totally believe in this and what you did and it would be an honor. Just keep that in mind should it ever come up and you need a slave 😉

      • I might have mentioned that the press chose to do a different version instead of the update. I’m starting to go crazy over it. The manuscript deadline is coming up soon. If I could find a way to put you to work on it, I would. 🙂 I’m also doing another reference book with someone else on rape culture, an international perspective. It’s a collection of essays.
        If you’re interested in history, check out the collection of articles I did: Sex and Sexuality in Early America and Sex Without Consent. Thanks so much for your support!

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