Echoes Through Time

Time wasn’t, then was,

once, the universe banged,

whirred, whispered

echoing across space

melody carried by stars

(adding harmony)

and cosmic dust


sound dancing through Saturn’s rings

echoes reverberating through oceans

sensed in two heartbeats joined


somewhere, someplace

time was and is


A quadrille for dVerse. Host De Jackson, aka WhimsyGizmo, asks us to use the word “echo.”


I was thinking about space and then listened to this, Audra McDonald singing “Somewhere” from West Side Story.  🙂

31 thoughts on “Echoes Through Time

  1. Knowing how your poetry often touches on history, I Immediately thought this might be related to an article I just read about the Vatican holding a conference to honor the Jesuit cosmologist, Msgr. George Lemaitre, who was the first to explain the receding of distant galaxies was the result of the expansion of the universe. His theory, the “primeval atom” – now known as the big-bang theory.

  2. Another post I missed and am so glad I found, Merril. The words carry such meaning from beginnings to endings in life, even as the earth spins and the stars move, we are buy a minute here. Time passes so quickly!
    My parents played the musicals on the stereo often and this is a lovely but painful song, “Somewhere.”
    Speaking of songs, I am traveling back through your blog’s since “Sunset Song” was on the library’s DVD recommended films. I decided to watch it and it was hauntingly poignant and bittersweet. I’m glad I watched it and won’t share with my Mom. She cries and misses Dad, sometimes inconsolable. It has been 16 years but time has changed in her confused mind. . . She feels like it was just yesterday.
    In the movie, I liked the way the woman says (pronounces) Ian or Ewan. It comes out so unique. I cried when her father was so beastly towards her mother and then, the firing squad for her dear sensitive husband. It showed how War changes men (and women).
    I had hope throughout the movie, wishing her husband would come back. So sad, but realistic.

    • Thanks for going back through my posts. I’m glad you liked Sunset Song. It’s probably a movie that a lot of people would not particularly enjoy. I hope to see a new movie about Emily Dickinson that was directed by the same director.

      • Oh, it had lovely scenery and her thoughts on being part of the land, and part of the farm life.
        The characters were realistic and gritty. I liked this film a lot.
        The girl’s father made me mad, the war made the husband so different and rude. Late, though, scared to die, he became more of his original gentle and loving family male character.

      • No, I knew you probably did that. I just meant it would have been beautiful to see it that way. By the way, the movie on Emily Dickinson, A Quiet Passion, is also beautiful and also has lovely music throughout. It just came out in theaters, so it may be a while before it gets to your library.

      • I look forward to seeing this, Merril. It sounds lovely! I enjoy movies about artists, too. “Pollack,” “Turner,” (Timothy Spall) and the Meryl Streep film about Sylvia Plath or part of the story. For fun, I sure enjoyed, “Miss Potter!” Thank you for the head’s up. . .

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