Echoes from the Before Time: Haibun


I wait in the garden watching the bees flit among the roses. Their somnolent buzzing is soothing, the music of the universe echoed. Once this sun-glimmered garden, this gold-gilded life, seemed alluring. But now I realize it’s an artificial oasis. Outside the Perimeter, life is harsh and chaotic. Children and dogs scuffle over scraps. I think back over the past few years and to what brought me here. I thought it a refuge. I was attracted to his power, mistaking it for strength of character. But there is no strength, only cunning; he will do their bidding, do whatever he needs to do to survive. I am the plucked flower tossed as tribute. He has given me to Them, a bribe for his safety. I hear them now, hear their fists pounding on the door. The bees have stopped buzzing; the sun hides behind a cloud, but I hear a robin sing.


Before time and wars

the sun sang and the moon hummed

songs still echoing


in buzz, chirp, and ocean waves

hear music of the cosmos


By Sir Edward Burne-Jones (died 1898) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


This is a Haibun for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge. The prompt words were power and allure.




27 thoughts on “Echoes from the Before Time: Haibun

  1. Ah, but is it truly so? Does artifice color the world beyond the walls, that place where all is alien, all is foreign and means to do us harm, while we who are always right, yet subject to their false reports of incompetence, suffer from their scheming and conniving ways? Tear down that wall!!

  2. Your prose is amazing. You have a real knack for writing these Haibun. I loved this poem from start to end. ❀

  3. Merril, your words in poetry vacillate from beauty to darkness. I imagine reality has to include both. . . It makes sense to include this haunting, often melancholy balance.
    I love this because of roses and the robin’s hopeful chirping. I wish for bees to always keep on buzzing. πŸ™‚
    I had thought about connecting your words to an upcoming post with a rose (or roses) in it, is this okay?

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