The Secret: Quadrille

The wind whispers a secret,

in sibilant sighs

it cries,

rattling windows, rustling at the door,

the sound it wants more

it moans,

Let me in

and you fear it,

this wind

as it whispers again,

this is our secret,

let me come in


This is a quadrille for dVerse. The prompt was sounds.



43 thoughts on “The Secret: Quadrille

  1. Oh I love this take on the prompt. The wind often seems to have a voice….and it can be howling or rustling..peaceful or scary. I love that your wind is seeking, whispering, “let me come in.”

  2. I loved this right from your beginning “sibilant sighs,” Merril. Then, how quickly the wind began showing impatience and persistence!
    Maybe it would be like a gentle breeze, if only it didn’t keep bumping into the windows and doors, causing them to rattle!
    I visualized eliminating my fears by transforming the wind to become like a breath of fresh air, Merril. 🌬

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