Fools and Oceans

Do we remember poetry and desire, come eternity?

embrace old rhythms of green and lingering life,

a brilliant blush,

a fired heart—

listen to this blue salt ocean, Fool,

the angel said,

magic lies here, there, all about and after

it dances and laughs, surrounding you like perfume–

go breathe peace and heal


Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.37.16 PM



Caspar David Friedrich, “Northern Sea in the Moonlight,” 1823-1824 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’m in the midst of crazy writing and editing. The Oracle knew just what to say. I added some punctuation. I hope she doesn’t mind.

28 thoughts on “Fools and Oceans

  1. So peaceful and joyful at the same time…
    The Oracle left me with a similar (if much more brief) feeling this morning…hope to get it posted later.
    And wonderful painting too. (K)

  2. I loved this one with all its heart and emotions expressed. When eternity comes, I hope we still have poetry, not sure about desire. . . maybe? Seems an earthly passion.
    The ocean’s voice in “old rhythms” speaking of “green and lingering life” was gorgeous, Merril. I can hear how this just flowed out of you! Peace and healing be with you, too. 🕊

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