Spots of Color Bloomed

Spots of color bloomed,

there in the mist,

pink and red, surrounded by green

with glistening sheen

life burgeoning, not yet entombed

but solidly rooted,

perfectly suited

(like us)

to withstand the rain–

again and again–

but then to greet the sun,

when at last, it comes

drifting down

crowning the day on floating rays

lighting the wings of birds in flight

whisking away the gloom

(the scent of petrichor lingers)

making color, life, and love bloom



My husband planted these yesterday between rain showers. It made me happy when I looked out the window.

For those keeping track, Β I needed to take a poetry break. Β πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Spots of Color Bloomed

  1. My guy planted similar flowers a week ago and it brought a smile to my face. But I didn’t write as lovely a poem as you have here in response. ” Life burgeoning,” indeed!

  2. I like that sweet line of how you and your husband are “perfectly suited” for each other. πŸ’•
    Of course, Merril! πŸ˜‰ No one here is keeping track of your time! I wish I could take a blogging break at work! It might be poetry, photos, music or an author’s story. . .

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