Work and Play

Monday Morning Musings

“Not knowing when the dawn will come

I open every door.”

–Emily Dickinson

In life a secret blossoms

beneath cloud and air

between dusk and dawn–

follow it

about wild river song


but almost there


I read facts and statistics

documenting the evils humans do to one another,

then I read about the kindness of strangers

fighting hate and bigotry

helping others with words and gestures–

I spend days reading and writing

of hate and of human resilience

of the darkness that falls

and the light that comes


I spend days writing and reading


documenting evil–

and then I take a break

I write a poem

drink some wine

(bottled poetry)



and then some more



hug my husband, daughter, and cats

eat Pakistani food outside on a beautiful June night



I listen to the mockingbird

(sing )

I think about good and evil

and life’s secrets

blossoming like spring flowers


I wait for dawn to come

opening every door

till I am almost there


The Oracle gave me the opening.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.15.24 PM

Almost 30% of women have faced violence from an intimate partner. World Health Organization,

“Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted.” RAINN

We drank wine at Heritage Vineyards “Vino and Vibes” and at Sharrott Winery’s Wine and Music Festival. We got take-out from Meera Khana restaurant, and the food was delicious, as always.





26 thoughts on “Work and Play

  1. Oh, the Oracle was extra special giving you an opening to a warm and lovely plus deep and complex post, Merril.
    I have worked with children from families where domestic violence brought them to a shelter. (150 children affected in the 18 months.) Horrible stories, some sad ones hit close to my home, as far as by speaking up. As a speaker for the shelter, asking for United Way to be specified in Fairfield County donations for the “children’s program”, I had a bad man land on my doorstep. I had spoken to thousands at three large companies. I ended up relocating my three children with me.
    Keep up your great gift and ability to shed light on this dark subject. 🙂
    I hope Dawn brings enlightenment around the world “opening every door.”

    • Thank you for your comment, Robin.
      You must have heard some terrible stories. Were you being stalked by “the bad man?”
      I also hope Dawn brings her friend Enlightenment. 🙂

      • I had spoken, using my previous married name, using a catchy way to remember it, Robin Crain, two birds in one name. In the Lancaster, Ohio phone book, there was only one R.Crain. He had watched my children riding up and down the hill outside my duplex, I ran upstairs and had my phone with a long cord coming down the stairs, he grabbed my Carrie and Jamie walked up to the porch as I came out, dropped the phone with a loud clunk! My landlady who lived on the first floor called the police as he asked for the secret location of the Lighthouse shelter, “In exchange for my children’s location I will give you back your children.”
        That and being on the courthouse steps in Logan, Ohio with a client, who got shot by her husband who was incredibly in handcuffs, by pivoting, grabbing the sheriff’s gun and firing four bullets into her head. . . Being there scarred and scared me, both in same month. I packed my boxes, friends helped me store in a storage unit, moved for the summer up to Lake Erie with retired parents. I worked at a country club saving money to help start a “new life” in Delaware Ohio. I chose it on the map halfway from my ex who moved to Cincinnati a year prior after our house sold. I stubbornly had stayed in Lancaster where my Felicia and Jamie were born. Felicia was fortunately sleeping in her stroller on the porch and doesn’t have any bad memories of the “bad man.” xo Thanks for asking, Merril.

      • Such horrible stories, Robin! I’m glad you and children are OK–but that poor woman who was shot! What a tragedy. Do you know what happened to the “bad man?”

  2. Lovely post. Like you, I read about evil (research for a novel) and look for light in the world when I am not working. I like how you document your return to the light of love and joy.

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