Storm Be Done–Quadrille

The angry god in petulant fury

raised his triton high—

soon scorched-ash clouds filled the sky,

covering the moon.

The storm raged, the sea roiled,

thunder echoed,

lightning flashed,

till Aurora said “enough, be done!”

And opened a door

to let in the sun.



John Constable, Stormy Sea, Brighton,” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This is a quadrille for dVerse. The prompt was storm.

Yesterday, Kerfe, Jane, and I in a bit of mysterious blog sisterhood and synchronicity all wrote about doors (with a bit of help from Emily Dickinson). I decided to play with the idea some more.





31 thoughts on “Storm Be Done–Quadrille

  1. I see that glimmer of the sun coming over the horizon and love your poem! Merril, I like how you tell a story with gods and in this one, Aurora opening a door to let in the sun. ☀

  2. Aurora’s been a bit behind the eight ball of late. I could have used her intervention a good week ago. But today, she’s got her act together. Thanks for singing her praises, Merril.

  3. I believe Aurora has finally arrived here in New England. We had those stormy clouds for days on end it seemed. May Aurora keep the door open here for a long time now! Loved your poem. XO

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