Words and Dreams

Monday Morning Musings:


Words and dreams rise, drift

in hope, or sink, shift

full force

on birds’ wings, fly swift


from horror, and lift

like laughter, a gift

of course


Full strawberry moon

bright orb, a festoon

the scent

of strawberries, strewn

dipped, we taste and swoon–

I meant

it’s warm, there’s wine, June

it sings, birds in tune,




to listen and see

what was, what will be

here, now

mom, daughter, and me

eat and talk we three


questions randomly

eat deliciously


we’ve done this before

in many rooms, doors

fold time

intersect mine, yours

wine and food in scores

fold time

again, we’ll eat, doors

open, close, time roars

hold time


suns and moons will rise,

glorious their guise,

bloom peace

humming from the skies

(hearing it a prize)

don’t cease,

hear the river’s sighs,

song of dove that flies

in peace


shadows and color, wine and cheese

poetry murmurs in each gentle breeze


through words and dreams we spin

cycling lives while time begins again, begin



Sweet dreams

I didn’t get a chance to do dVerse’s lai prompt last week.

So, I decided I’d try a set of connecting lai (though not a tale of adventure so much) –ending with two rhyming couplets. Damien Donnelly’s poem, Limitless mentioned folding time, so I borrowed the phrase. Thanks, Damien. 😉

The June full moon (last week) is called the strawberry moon because it’s strawberry season. (And by-the-way, they are delicious dipped into cannoli dip, but then what wouldn’t be?)

FullSizeRender 139












20 thoughts on “Words and Dreams

  1. I used to talk more about moons so I enjoyed this lovely round-about poem. It was weaving, circling and joining lovely elements of strawberries, wine, birds and “we!” (you, Mom and daughter) Of course, the cannoli dip (for me) was the piece de resistance. Yum!
    Love shown in action here. 💞

    • Thanks so much, Robin, for your lovely comment.
      By the way, when I went out to get the paper, this morning, there was the almost-full moon shining in the daylight sky over my neighbor’s house.

  2. I love the idea of folded time – I can see why you ran with it. This conjures up inter-generational gatherings, sharing food and words and time. I guess the three of you have done it often over the years, but each time is different, as you grow and change. Layers of memory and experience, like paper dolls, linked but different. One of those pieces that is very specific and yet universal.

    • Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment, Sarah. I like your image of linked paper dolls, too–though perhaps multi-dimensional ones. 🙂 Specific and universal–I’m glad it spoke to you.

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