June Magic

daybreak comes early

yet still the moon shines

waning from its strawberry fullness,

(smiling, humming)

greeting me as I pick up the newspaper from the sidewalk,

the heat is already simmering there

but not yet at full boil–

June, almost summer–

a spider has spun a web

sparkling in the streaming sunlight,

birds sing from their green-leafed perches

the cats watch from windows,

then turn to say hello to me

before going back to guard duty,

(we all have our jobs)

even as summer sighs,

slow down

and so, I do,

and watch the birds, too.







25 thoughts on “June Magic

  1. I noticed the still-almost-full moon yesterday when I put out the garbage as the sun was rising. You have captured a feeling, the day waking up to a hot summer day. The birds make quite a chorus this year! (K)

  2. I listen to the birds before I get out of bed – their Wake Up call gets more insistent when I open the sliding glass doors, even before the break of dawn. I’m heading toward a “slow-down” period, I do believe. Ah, how I need it. And don’t we all!

  3. I love this June magic and hummed “Strange Magic” tune along with the singing words. I once included sounds of summer including the swish swish of the sprinkler going rhythmically! (Somewhere in my blog poems. . .) It strikes me many times this “magic in the air!” xo 🐦

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