Assume the Joy

Assume the world’s full of joy,

not hate,

stare at birds,

wonder at our fate

and if we’ll mind what happens after–

“the late”

they’ll call us,

if not the great–

but we’ll be gone,

beings that are not immortal

(unless time folds–perhaps a portal?)

and so, we shouldn’t hesitate

just assume the joy

of stars and earth

of moons that hum with charming mirth

then laugh, my dear–

no, stop, wait


there–the robin on the garden gate


I needed a poetry break this afternoon!

This is for Secret Keeper’s Challenge.

The prompt words were: Assume/Mind/Late/Being/Stare



58 thoughts on “Assume the Joy

  1. Did you take this photograph, Merril? It is one of my favorite robins, with details in feathers, a clear eye and head slightly tilted in an inquisitive fashion.
    I especially was bewitched by the moons that hum with charming mirth, (rhyming with earth was so fine, too.) The pull of moons on all Earth’s waters is fascinating to me.

  2. Birds really stop time. I have a cardinal pair visiting all day in back right now, and it always gives me both joy and a break from the hectic pace and problems of the world. (K)

  3. My comment of Kerfe’s latest post, Conjuring:
    Imagine the view from each branch. Ever-branching versions of yourself. The possibilities. It reminds me of the hope in Merril’s recent poem.

  4. I enjoyed this poem – nature not only reprieves us from our daily cares, but also poses deeper questions about sentience, immortality, care taking, and inter-dependency. We are all a part of an organic oneness, notwithstanding all the electronic noise. Thank you for the respite.

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