Wake and Embrace, Happy Anniversary

Wake and embrace—

linger for a universe of morning

perfumed with coffee and color.

Picture this,

(my window, see?)

breathe the peace surrounding you and me,

flowering cool green

on velvet words almost to eternity


Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 6.29.03 AM


Morning Sky after the Storm, West Deptford, NJ


Today is our 39th wedding anniversary! I’m glad the Oracle came through with something nice, even if she sometimes messes up the spelling.

Yesterday morning we had thunderstorms with tornado warnings, but then the sun came out. Sometimes nature gives you a metaphor. Some of you know I’m past deadline on a manuscript for an encyclopedia, and that I’m now researching and writing a second chapter because a contributor did not come through with something I could use. It’s been quite a storm, but I’m embracing blue skies and velvet words today.  🙂


24 thoughts on “Wake and Embrace, Happy Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary! wonderful words of support from the Oracle (“velvet words almost to eternity”) –and good luck with the manuscript…but take some time off and enjoy the day too. (K)

    • Thanks so much, Kerfe!
      I would have been upset and felt like it was a bad omen if the Oracle didn’t give me something good today. 🙂 Yes, we’re going to enjoy today.
      (The chapter is nearly finished–7,000 words so far, written in less than a week. )

  2. June 25th was your 39th year! How extra special for me to read today!
    Congratulations and happy anniversary wishes, Merril and husband.
    💕 🌈 xo Much love and many more!
    Yesterday, on 7/7/17 my oldest daughter mother of Micah and Skyler we’d for her very first time at 37 years old. . .
    For years, I have had a closet full of dresses, bridal gown, bridesmaid’s dress, junior bridesmaid’s and flower girl’s dress. None of them “used” except flower dress for a rather expensive dress up gown.
    First marriage was cancelled one week before it was set to go off; upon sent, received engraved invitations.
    Well, Carrie wore a dress bought for $17, she carried a bouquet I had learned how to make matching it in just one setting, her husband wore a white shirt, gray pants as did her two boys! It was a lovely and teary eyed wedding! The Mayor Carolyn Riggles cried too, along with both wedding partners and one mother (me). Boys stayed steady and cheerful. 🙂 💞

    • Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding, Robin! So did she marry her children’s father, or is this someone else? (Sorry, I was a bit confused.) Did the mayor perform the ceremony? In any case, a joyous occasion! Mazel tov!

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