In Harmony

About my blue earth

moon in cycles shining

murmurs sweet harmony,

soft poetry,


it wanders peacefully here and there,



a quiet secret breeze of ancient souls

and pure light blossom in color




It’s been a busy week. I needed this message from the Oracle.

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 1.26.38 PM

20 thoughts on “In Harmony

  1. So happy to read of your calm, shining moon with sweet harmony murmurs, Merril. So beautiful this poem is!
    It is quite a contrast from the Native American full moon pictures in my mind:
    The full moon of July is called a “thunder full moon” or “buck full moon” in their traditional calendar.

    Your mystical moon wandering aimlessly, upon a secret breeze, with ancient souls and pretty color or light blossom was enchanting. It made me feel like I was drifting among the clouds, carefree and happy.

    • Thank you, Robin. I’m glad my poem gave you such a pleasant feeling.
      “Thunder full moon” definitely makes sense for some parts of the country in July, but I imagine it’s a name given by SOME native Americans, as of course, there were/are many different tribes throughout North America.

      • Well, I used to post monthly calendars for two years. At least two people guided me to a post which mentioned Native American full moons.
        Here is one link:
        You may be surprised to know the Old Farmer’s Almanac includes in July: Full Buck Moon. I’m sure you are right about other tribes but I am not a professor nor did I reach my Master’s degree in preschool of integrated classroom with children with special needs and developmental disabilities. Yup, 3 courses short of Bush administration No Child Left Behind Act.
        Thanks for telling me this. So glad you did.

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