Whistling with the Moon

I dream of the moon

and gossamer dancers

leaping high,

circling and swaying to the music of the stars,

sounds surrounding us in space,

(space whistlers)

music of electromagnetic waves

harmonizing like weird birds

(glowing birds)

each a phoenix

rising from ash

layered with a flood of thought,

human words,

floating upwards

growing, collecting more matter,

a massive accretion disk of drifting memories

surrounding a black hole.


or not,

but haven’t you wondered where they go

when they vanish?


joys, fears–

how easy it is to glide, slide, hover, hang

like the moon

a sliver of thought grows full

in time

humming and full of energy

released into space



I’m fascinated by space sounds. You can read about and hear the electromagnetic waves here.

I was also influenced by the moon and accretion after reading Robert Okaji’s marvelous “Letter from Austin.”

I used Secret Keeper’s Words here, but substituted “massive” for huge.

The prompt words were : Easy/Flood/Thought/Fear/Huge


29 thoughts on “Whistling with the Moon

  1. I do wonder where they go… the words, the thoughts, the ideas.. and does someone out there catch them and call them their own?
    Love this poem, Merril. 🙂

  2. These words have resulted in some great poems. And the stars do sing, especially when you watch them appear one by one (which we were lucky enough to do at the beach).
    I like “space whistlers” myself. I hope my thoughts are out there whistling. (K)

  3. Lately I’ve been listening to some guided meditation early in the morning, and after we’ve breathed a while, relaxed, she suggests listening to the sounds outside the window…now the sounds beyond, in the universe. And yes, I heard the humming! Stars and moon and poetic whisperings by Merril.

  4. The stars are always such a special treat. As children we wish upon them, star light, star bright. . .
    The voices of humming moon, this makes me smile. I like the new thought about electromagnetic waves “harmonizing,” Merril. The gossamer dancers was my favorite image. The music of the Sugar Plum Fairy came instantly to mind, which fit the stars in my mind.

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