Silent Parade: Tanka

resolute in grief

silence roaring in the heat

July marches past

without confusion time flows

history repeats itself


Embed from Getty Images


The Silent Parade of 1917 is the subject of today’s Google Image.

This if for Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Poetry Challenge. The prompt words are heat and confuse.


29 thoughts on “Silent Parade: Tanka

  1. I had to look up Silent Parade. That was what the world was like then. The English massacred the Irish, the Spaniards massacred one another, always someone somewhere was getting butchered by their neighbours. A hundred years on and things have changed, even if attitudes have deeper roots than laws.

  2. “…without confusion time flows…” Wow. Powerful word usage in your Tanka… and here we appear to be at a precipice again. If there is anything that is definitive it is that time marches on and does repeat itself. I love the Tanka and the political imagery! ❤

  3. I’m reading May Sarton’s Journal at 82. She writes about her belief that the world was a wreck, at least politically. And that was back in the 1980s, history repeating itself. 😦

  4. Sobering, and very well written, Merril.
    I’m sure it would be a possibility at any time in history, but I’m pretty sure that a similar demonstration today would be met with violence. Sadly.

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  6. I think this was very informative for me, Merril. My grandma was in a “Suffragette March,” she told me this was as a waitress in NYC. She always said it was very important to be able to “win the right” to vote.

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