Letting the Light In–Quadrille

A child’s tear,

a parent’s fear

accidents, catastrophe

not vampires and ghosts

the shadows in the night,

monsters here,

(not out of sight)

urging hate, urging war—

I fear the real,

the evil here

but look for love,

and beauty in the sun above

Sunset, Auburn Road Vineyards


This is a quadrille for Dverse. The prompt word is fear.

26 thoughts on “Letting the Light In–Quadrille

  1. I just read Ken’s response and I see it as a complement to yours. Light and community are both important antidotes to fear. A beacon of hopefulness! (as always) (K)

  2. Lovely poem filled with both hope for us, who believe in peace and light. 🕊 . . . and warning to us, which we must not let our guard down to the darkness and when it comes time, protest in actions as well as your words which shone into my heart, Merril.
    A perfect and lovely sky photo to accompany this, too. xo ❤

  3. Love and the sun above are perfectly uplifting, Merril. Many tears came from my eyes upon hearing about our deployment to Afghanistan. I think of the wall just being built, why not hire people to build bridges and strengthen roads like the WPA? Arggh.
    I’m grateful for your (symbolically) wiping my tears with a sunshine picture~ a lovely sight.

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