Dream a Dream

Dream a little dream of me

as starlight blooms, high in the sky

the tears, I see,

are now wiped dry,

the night birds call from sycamore trees

sleep now, my love, sweet lullaby,

dream of me, body free,

but spirit hovering, still nearby



So, this actually fits two dVerse prompts. De Jackson, aka WhimsyGizmo, asked us to write a quadrille using the prompt dream. 

Mish asked for a poem using a verse from a song.  For some reason, the dream prompt made me think of this song. I’m wondering if I’ve heard it recently on a soundtrack.

Here’s Ella Fitzgerald singing “Dream a Little Dream of Me” (with Louis Armstrong).


I often use song lines as prompts in my Monday Morning Musings, and I know I’ll be writing more about dreams, but this is what I have for now.

28 thoughts on “Dream a Dream

  1. I liked the bittersweet tone, I may be gone but will linger here near you. . . Your poetry includes the dream part. It was tender and pretty, Merril.
    Ella Fitzgerald with Louis Armstrong is an awesome combination!

  2. When I started reading the poem, I knew I had to find this song (this version, in fact). But Louis reduced to a parenthetical? How could you?

    I agree, though, I do love Ella’s voice.

  3. I’m dreaming of sycamore trees. A few years ago I saw a painting at an art fair of a sycamore tree and fell in love with it. It was expensive and there was really no place to put such a big painting and it seems like a whimsy so we didn’t get it. But I still think about it!

  4. I grew up with Mama Cass singing this one. And I love the version you linked to here, Merril, with Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong. Wow. Now I’ll have Dream a Little Dream of Me in my head all day. Maybe I’ll get to sing it to the boys tonight when I tuck them in. Thanks.

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